For musicians looking towards taking advantage of today’s latest technology, finding the best digital piano for advanced pianist can feel overwhelming. With so many devices showcasing sound and recording options it can be confusing when trying to determine what may fit your needs. We have been there ourselves and can understand your frustration. In order to help you make a more educated buying decision, we have combed the internet in search of what is actually available for you as a musician. Discovering what major technical developments actually matter for playability, this actionable information should present you with data that you’ll be able to use when matching products with your abilities and play-style.

You have a ton of options when looking for a new electronic piano. There is definitely a perfect piano to fit any musician. All you have to do is keep in mind what you are going to use your keyboard for. Some models are more suitable for live performances, and other models are better for digital recordings. Here are some top-notch choices you can choose from. This list includes the best digital piano for advanced pianists.

Product Features Rating Checkout
1 Yamaha P255

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Type: Professional Weighted Digital Keyboard

Key Count: 88

Key Make: Synthetic Ivory Weighted

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2 Yamaha DGX650B

4.9 of 5

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Type: GHS Weighted Action Digital Keyboard

Key Count: 88

Key Make: Plastic GHS Weighted Action

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3 Yamaha Arius YDP-181

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Type: Traditional Graded-Hammer Digital Console Keyboard

Key Count: 88

Key Make: Plastic Graded-Hammer Weighted

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4 Kawai KDP110

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Type: Harmonic Imaging Graded-Hammer Digital Console Keyboard

Key Count: 88

Key Make: Wood Graded-Hammer Weighted

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5 Korg SP280BK

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Type: Vintage Natural-Weighted Hammer Electric Keyboar

Key Count: 88

Key Make: Plastic Natural-Weighted

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Yamaha P255 - Best Digital Piano For Advanced Players

This modern digital piano by Yamaha is made to simulate a feeling of a grand piano, and its keys are weighted to make it very realistic to the touch. An added onboard-equalizer function easily makes this model the best digital piano for advanced pianists.

A musician who wants complete control over every aspect of their music will find this to be an excellent professional electric piano. All features and functions can be easily controlled through a smartphone too. A SoundBoost button also helps when adjusting volume during live performances.

Key Features:
Professional Weighted Digital Piano
Synthetic Ivory Weighted Keys
SoundBoost Function Helps With Easy Volume Adjustments
Onboard Equalizer Adds Exceptional Control
Smartphone Compatible
Stand Is Sold Separately
Smartphone Recommended For Best Control
Use With Sound System For Best Sound
This product’s versatility makes it a great choice for professional musicians. It allows you to have complete control over subtle qualities in your music.

Yamaha DGX650B - Best Digital Console Piano

All musical samplings available on this professional digital piano are from Yamaha’s CFIIIS Concert Grand System. It gives this model exceptional sounds that are unrivaled with other instruments in this quality-range. Its keys also feature weighted GHS action that mimics varying action tensions of real pianos.

This model is fantastic for someone who wants high-quality sound from a mid-level professional piano keyboard. Yamaha’s DGX650B performs well for recording, practice, and live audiences.

Key Features:
GHS Weighted Action Digital Keyboard
Plastic GHS Action Weighted Keys
Great Performance During Recording, Playing Live, Or Practicing
High-Quality Note Rendering
Sound Sampled From Yamaha CFIIIS Concert Grand
Foot Pedals Are Sold Separately
Digital Recording In WAV Format Only
Requires USB Flash Drive For Direct Digital Recording
This Yamaha keyboard is perfect for someone who wants to experience Extremely high-quality sounds during a performance. It may not be your most convenient option for recording music.

Yamaha Arius YDP-181 - Best Digital Piano For Classical Pianists

Yamaha’s Arius YDP-181 Is beautifully crafted with a rosewood housing. This model also includes a playing-bench as a bonus. Its graded-hammer weighted keys simulate the playing action of a traditional upright-console keyboard.

A musician who wants a more acoustic-feeling instrument will understand why this is the best keyboard for classical pianists. It’s nearly impossible to tell any differences between this digital keyboard and an acoustic instrument. You also get an added benefit of being able to directly connect the Arius YDP-181 directly to your computer for recording.

Key Features:
Traditional Console Digital Keyboard
Plastic Graded-Hammer Weighted Keys
Great For Playing Classical Music
USB Output To Digital Devices Makes Recording Simple
Built-In Overlaid Playback
Can’t Be Removed From Stand
Few Equalization And Sound Modifying Features
Small LED Display
If you enjoy playing classical music, then this keyboard is a smart choice. It really surrounds you with a sense of nostalgia with its authentic look and incredible accuracy.

Kawai KDP110 - Best Digital Piano For Recording

Wooden-key actions on this model make it the best weighted digital piano out there. It also incorporates Kawai’s Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology system. That gives the sampling audio an authentic acoustic-tone.

Its USB digital audio output puts the KDP110 above the rest when it comes to Kawai or Yamaha digital pianos. Your quality of audio transference with this setup is virtually unmatched. You can compare its sampling audio to that of a grand piano in a studio-setting.

Key Features:
Harmonic Imaging Graded-Hammer Digital Console Keyboard
Wooden Graded-Hammer Weighted Keys
Sampling By Kawai’s Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology System
Exceptional Output Quality
High-Quality USB Audio Recording
Minimalist Design
Average Onboard Speakers
Few Equalization And Sound Modifying Features
Kawai’s KDP110 works exceptionally well in a studio setting. This is a fantastic choice for someone who wants a digital keyboard exclusively for recording and mixing.

Korg SP280BK - Best Sounding Digital Piano

This model by Korg could be the best electronic piano depending on what you are looking for. Korg’s SP280BK is very balanced with above-average built-in speakers. Its onboard stereo speakers are what make this model standout.
This Korg digital keyboard includes a sustain pedal and stand. It sounds amazing right out of your box too. Convenient playing makes this the best home digital piano for family gatherings and small performances.

Key Features:
Vintage Natural-Weighted Hammer Electric Keyboard
Plastic Natural-Weighted Keys
Perfect During Small Venues And Intimate Gatherings
Lightweight And Compact
Great Onboard Sound Quality
Outdated Look
Average Recording Capabilities
Single-Pedal Compatibility
This is a good option for a musician who plays for small venues or in a home-setting. This digital keyboard is all about convenient setup and great onboard sound.

Digital piano buying guide

These digital devices share many of the traits found on traditional pianos. What makes your potential digital device different from more traditional acoustics will be found in their electronic components.

For those looking into a professional digital piano, any potential purchase should generate rich sounds that most non-electronic instruments produce. Also, it would be important that playing on it feels like you’re performing with an acoustic.

Do modern electrics provide users with this feel and sound? They can if you know what you’re looking for.

Our research leads to four key performance features you’ll want to look for before buying.

What to look for in a digital piano?

Digital piano type

Best portable digital piano for advanced pianist: One of the major features which these types of products, often referred to as “slabs,” are able to offer is mobility. These come as either a keyboard or they can also include legs to stand on.

Can this type of device offer the same sounds as non-portable units?

Yes, they can. Today’s electronic components are small enough to be contained in a mobile housing. It is also worth noting they are also often cheaper than many upright products.

Serious musicians may require equipment they can take to their gigs and sessions.

Best digital stage piano for advanced pianist : Musicians that perform before live audiences want an instrument that replicates the sounds of original compositions and recordings. What they will need from a product will depend upon what sounds they need to replicate.

Even with the latest technological advancements, electronic instruments cannot fully replicate the exact sounds from traditional pianos. They can, however, come very close.

Live performances may necessitate less bulky keyboard designs. These types of products are often more affordable than acoustic products. Slabs can also produce sounds that analog instruments are not capable of generating.

Best digital grand piano for advanced pianist: While many players may desire to perform on a baby or full-sized grand, their cost keeps them out of the reach of a majority of performers.

If you’re performing songs that require the resonance or vibrations that grand pianos produce. more than likely the studio or venue will have one on site. This will free you up to select an electronic instrument that is more affordable while still providing you practice.

A feature that’ll keep your mechanics in place is looking for a product that uses wooden keys.

Best digital piano for classical pianists: Classical enthusiasts and purists will note that electronic devices cannot fully imitate the sounds that analog equipment is capable of producing. This does not mean that classical players will not find benefits in using non-analog products.

Performance halls or recording studios used for classical performances will have traditional equipment on hand.

Electronic instruments can provide you with keys that feel the same as those found on analogs. Also, higher-quality slabs also use keys that respond more closely to non-electric keys, providing players with proper playing mechanics.

Digital piano key count

A traditional key layout will consist of 88 keys. One feature that some electric products provide users with is a lower key count.

There are products available that offer 61 or 76 key layoutsSuch designs offer greater mobility and require less room to use.

With that being said, many performers feel that the best professional keyboard piano will provide you with all 88 keys. Many scores, especially classical ones, will require the full range. A full set will also allow you to play without having to improvise for the missing keys.

Key make

Various models offer degrees of sensitivity for touch and finger speed. You will want to match the sensitivity to your playing style and type of music you’re performing.

Also, these products come with different key weights:

  • The best digital pianos with weighted keys provide action found on traditional instruments.
  • Semi-weighted keys offer users less resistance when a key is used.
  • Synth-style keys provide you with action similar to that found on an organ.

There is even a hammer-style key that uses actual hammers to enhance its response!

Think about your budget

Remember that the best professional digital piano for you matches your needs. For advanced players, the cheapest instruments on the market will lack the features they will need for proper practice or recording sessions.

One thing that higher prices can provide you with is countless interface and sound options. Serious musicians shouldn’t miss out on purchasing various tech advantages that include:

  • Arpeggiator – plays notes in automatic succession
  • Computer connectivity – with various connection points
  • MIDI – Musical Instrument Digital Interface
  • Multitimbrality – playing multiple sounds at one time


Most Common Questions About The Best Digital Pianos

Your key-point you should focus on when deciding on a new keyboard is the setting you’ll be using it in. Most musicians are either looking to start their journey as a beginner, or they are an established live-performer. Concerns about digital keyboards can be broken down into two main categories.

What Is The Best Stage Piano?

What is the best digital piano? That usually is determined by how well an instrument performs on stage. A professional musician is more concerned with how their playing transfers to an external speaker system than recording-quality. Yamaha’s P255 or Yamaha’s Arius YDP-181 are going to perform above-average on stage out of the products in this review.

What Is The Best Digital Piano For beginners?

People who are new to playing keyboard want an instrument that’s easy to use. Having too many features can overwhelm someone who is new to digital keyboards. It’s also beneficial for new players to easily setup their keyboard whenever they want to practice. The best digital pianos for beginners are ones like the Korg SP280BK.

The Best Piano – Conclusion

Yamaha’s P255 is the best digital piano for advanced pianists. It’s made with every feature that a performer needs. You have exceptional ability to control the sound of your output at an extremely complex level. It feels like a real grand piano, and you can adjust the sampling in real-time while performing.

We recommend that all advanced players give the P255 a try. It is one of the most amazing playing experiences you’ll ever have with a digital keyboard.

You can check out the other products in this review here.

Other Recommendations

You can check out the other products in this review here. You might find that some the key-features of these models meet your specific needs better. You’re sure to find the perfect digital keyboard for you in one of instruments. You can’t go wrong with these top-quality keyboards.

  • Yamaha DGX650B: It’s Great For Those Who Want To Perform Live, Rather Than Record.
  • Yamaha Arius YDP-181: This Model Is Perfect For Playing Classical Music, And It Looks Beautiful Too.
  • Kawai KDP110: Recording Artists And Music Studios Will Appreciate Exceptional Recording-Quality With This Keyboard.
  • Korg SP280BK: If You Want To Play For Small Gatherings, Then This Is A Great Choice For You.