We know that searching for the best digital piano under 1000 isn’t easy. The digital piano market is booming. There are several major brands that each offer many different models, so it’s a real challenge to identify one single best option. Don’t worry: we can help you narrow down your options to quickly find your own best electric piano under 1000 for your needs. In this post, we’ll make sure you get all the info necessary to understand contemporary keyboards.

We’ll review some key products, discuss the most important types and characteristics of these instruments, and show you a comparison table for an easy way to scan their features.

Product Features Rating Checkout
1 Yamaha P71

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Upright or Stage: Stage

Key Count: 88

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2 Casio Privia PX-160BK

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Upright or Stage: Stage

Key Count: 88

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3 Yamaha Dgx660B

4.9 of 5

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Upright or Stage: Upright

Key Count: 88

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4 Alesis Recital

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Upright or Stage: Stage

Key Count: 88

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5 RockJam Electronic Keyboard

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Upright or Stage: Stage

Key Count: 61

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6 Hamzer Digital Piano

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Upright or Stage: Stage

Key Count: 61

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Yamaha P71 - Best Weighted Keyboard Under 500

If you’re looking for digital pianos under 500, consider Yamaha P71. It comes with a power adapter and sustain pedal. It has 88 full-weighted keys, and it’s designed slim, taking minimum space in your home.

Designed by Yamaha, this is useful if you’re creating various sounds and rehearse. It has 10 voices and Dual Modefor combining two voices for the ultimate playing experience.

Yamaha constructed this slim as well as lightweight so you can experience 88-keys in a compact design.
Sturdy build
Quality weighted keys
Takes up little space
Sustain pedal slides too much
Low-quality speakers
Difficult to access headphone jack
Yamaha P71 is great for inspiring artists creating their own sounds inside their homes. It’s user-friendly and easy for blending different tunes.

Casio Privia PX-160BK - Best Digital Piano

Casio Privia PX160BK features graded hammer response that enhances key-to-sound experience. It also has new ensemble sounds, layering capabilities, and even duet mode which can benefit students and teachers using the piano simultaneously.

For those looking for more quiet listening, this is the best 88-key digital piano under 500 thanks to its dual headphone outputs on the front. With USB connectivity, you can use it with Windows or Mac computers without drivers.

Casio intended this for use in multiple venues. By featuring 88 keys, it gives beginners and experienced users versatility of a traditional upright piano.
Two headphone outputs
Keys feature good action
Good slim size
Keys don’t feel like ivory and ebony
Awkward user interface
May not have good durability
Casio Privia PX160BK is great for entry-level users and those who perform on stage at an affordable price.

Yamaha Dgx660B - Best Upright Piano Under 1000

Yamaha DGX-660 lets you select from multiple of settings without having to pay for 1000 dollar keyboards. It’s versatile as well as you can connect a microphone, singing along and hearing yourself through built-in speakers.

This is good for those seeking user-friendly platforms regardless of skill. It features an LCD screen for reading music from built-in or downloaded songs, making it the best digital console piano.

From Yamaha, this offers plenty of features from an upright piano such as full 88-key count with quality sound engines.
Good adjustable action keys
LCD readout
Keys can be noisy
Minimal recording memory space
Poor stand quality
If you’re seeking something that resembles usual uprights without that price tag, Yamaha DGX-660 is a good option, especially for recording and playback whether by yourself or with others.

Alesis Recital - Best Bang for the Buck

The best digital piano for the money is Alesis Recital. It’s made with 88 full-sized, semi-weighted keys with adjustable touch response to personalize your play style, and it has five built-in voices: acoustic, electric, organ, synth, and bass.

Those who travel can use this well with its battery-powered feature. It’s also best for beginners with educational features like Lesson Mode so that students and teachers can watch each other.

Alesis created this with new users in mind, and with stage design, it can move around easier. It has the standard 88-key count for two-handed playing.
Variety in play styles
Conveniently can run on batteries
Easy setup
Confusing advanced settings
Keys need more weight
Can get too quiet at times
Alesis Recital is ideal for any budding pianist, and it even allows for adjusting your playing style using built-in voices, layers, and more.

RockJam Electronic Keyboard - Best Stage Piano Under 1000

RockJam Electronic Keyboard is the best home piano considering its small footprint and that it features a stand and stool so you have everything you need to start playing.

Other features that make this keyboard the best piano for home use is how easy you can record and playback 100 sounds and rhythms. For budding pianists, its stand adjusts so even young players can enjoy.

RockJam designed this as portable so you can play it at home, studio, or on stage. It features full-size 61-keycount.
Good LCD screen
Stand easily adjusts in height
Simple setup
Doesn’t feel as though it’ll last long
Keys are stiff
Volume is max each time you turn it on
The RockJam Electronic Keyboard is simplicity at its finest when you need something you can play at home that still offers variety of sounds so anyone can create their own songs.

Hamzer Digital Piano - Best Inexpensive Digital Piano

Many musicians seeking quality at a low cost go with Hamzer Digital Piano. It’s the best affordable electric piano with features like an adjustable stand and microphone, an LCD display, and built-in speakers.

Its price range doesn’t eliminate quality, which makes it great for students or children who are still unsure if they want something bigger. Record and playback features offer plenty of time for practicing and learning.

Created by Hamzer, this features standard 61-keycount. It’s designed for stage use thanks to it being portable.
Includes a stand and microphone
More than 100 sound options
Maneuvers well
Volume defaults to maximum
Keys aren’t high-quality
Microphone could be better
Hamzer Digital Piano is the best cheap digital piano for anyone just starting out. It offers standard keys for comfort while granting you numerous of features such as more than 200 rhythms.

Things to Consider in the best keyboard under $1000

Not everyone can spend thousands of dollars on quality instruments, so our reviews will address the best electronic pianos under 1000. Our reviews will teach necessities about these best electronic pianos under 1000 so you can find that right one for your needs. In this buyer’s guide, we will make four main points. First, we will discuss upright digital pianos. Next, we will go over stage models. After that, we’ll focus on a core feature, which is key count. Lastly we will examine other common features that digital keyboards can have. By the end, you will have a deep understanding of what to look for when it comes to finding the best piano under 1000. That price range includes everything from the bottom of the market up to the beginning of the luxury market, so variation in features and quality is quite large.

Upright Digital Piano

Models of the upright style look like traditional pianos in their design. They have a heavy, solid stand that looks much like the base of an analog instrument. It’s hard to move these- they are built to rest in a living room or practice space. Their size and capacity means upright digital pianos typically have high-quality speakers. Often, they will have a set of pedals in a similar arrangement to an analog. The best upright piano under 1000 for you will depend on your budget and how much space you have, but this category provides the best sound and most realistic playing experience.

Stage Digital Piano

A stage digital piano looks a lot more like a keyboard. These are usually sold without any kind of stand at all- they are just the keys and all the electronics are built into the board. The smaller space means that speaker quality takes a hit, but this kind of keyboard is for portability and playing gigs. It’s an instrument you can carry easily to a music venue, set up quickly, and then take home while still maintaining good output. The best stage pianos under 1000 add on extra features for practicing and recording. It’s up to you to decide if any of them are worthwhile. Some are useful while others will be little more than an extra few pages in the instruction manual. Note that you will probably need to buy a separate stand if you don’t have one already.

Key Count

The key count is, obviously, how many black and white keys a given model has. This is a very important characteristic because it affects how many sounds you can produce, how easy the instrument is to use, and how large it is. The more experience you have, the more keys you should require. A full analog piano has 88, so that’s the top end of what you should expect. The low end varies but is usually 61 keys. If you are just getting started, then 61 might be easier to master, but if you plan to spend time with the instrument then an upgrade to a full 88 will become necessary at some point. The best 88 key keyboard under 1000 will outperform its smaller competitors because of its superior range. Of course, smaller models tend to come at a significant discount, making them better for beginners in that way as well.

Other Features

Each year, these instruments become more and more advanced. Their software can now include a whole range of interesting and fun special features. Some of them are basic, like metronomes and rhythm accompaniments. They make good practice tools and can assist with composition as well. Digital keyboards often have many different sound sets too- some just include a few sets of piano samples, while others have many more instruments that you can replicate with the keys. They often have built-in recording tools too, like the ability to record and simultaneously play multiple tracks. Recent advances have concentrated on Internet connectivity, allowing you to download tracks and effects to enhance the software’s native offerings. These expand what is possible and sometimes enable custom tones and tracks. If all you want is a piano that acts like an analog model, then the best piano under 1000 is probably an upper-end Yamaha or similar model. There’s a line of Yamahas that focus on accuracy, sound quality, and key response, and some other brands have equivalent designs. If you want more recording ability or versatility, the best digital keyboard under 1000 can still give you a ton of value for money because just about every feature is available in that price range.

A couple of answers to the questions you might have left about the Best Pianos Under $1000

Our reviews will broaden your choice when searching for best digital pianos under $1000. If you still have thoughts and questions about finding one, those answers below should provide you with adequate information to help you come to a decision.

What is the best digital piano for beginners?

For those just starting out, consider the best affordable digital piano like Hamzer Digital Piano. Beginners should have quality instruments to better learn on, but you never want to spend too much if it doesn’t last.

Once you figure out budget, focus on finding one intended for home use. You’ll more than likely want to practice in peace at home and learn at your own pace. An instrument that’s good enough in size and has simple maneuverability will serve you better.

Is a 61 key keyboard enough?

It’s true that advanced electronic keyboards have 88 keys since they offer versatility. However, you can still get good playing using the best home digital piano with 61-keycount. It’s mostly beneficial for beginners just figuring the layout and feel of everything. However, 61 keys aren’t best if playing two-handed, so it may not be enough once you gain more skills.

The Best Digital Piano Under 1000 – Summing Up

We recommend Yamaha as the best digital piano under 1000. It has 88 full-sized keys and adjustable touch response, adapting your play style. It even has built-in voices (e.g. acoustic and bass), and you can blend two voices for uniqueness.

If you’re looking for an instrument that you can take anywhere, we urge Alesis Recital.

Feel free to check out other top-rated products:

  • Yamaha P71: Has a full-weighted 88-keycount and 10 voices.
  • Casio Privia PX160BK: Keys have strong action, and it has two headphone jacks.
  • Yamaha DGX-660: Designed with an LCD readout and microphone connection.
  • RockJam Electronic Keyboard: Simple setup and adjustable stand.
  • Hamzer Digital Piano: Includes more than 100 sound options.

We hope you enjoy our reviews of the top 6 best digital pianos under 1000.